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Człowiek z pasją – Igor Kucera

Wraz z żoną przyjaźnimy się od lat lat z człowiekiem dla którego rzeźbienie było i jest pasją. Dobrze otaczać się ludźmi, którzy nie są związani ze sportem stricte. Postanowiliśmy pomóc Igorowi promować jego pasję.
Tak o sobie pisze Igor:
„I started carving as a little boy, only 6 years old. I used a small knife to carve animals from pine bark. Later on, I used chisels to carve from real wood. I took no woodcarving classes, i was just learning on my own. Later on, I got too busy with my graphic design studies at the University in Czechoslovaka and later in UK. After my studies, I opened my own graphic studio in Leicester, UK. Woodcarving was almost forgotten. Then in 2010, I took part at a woodcarving competition in Mosty u Jablunkova, Czech Republic where I met other carvers from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. I had very little experience in carving life-sized statues but I manager to finis the job on time. Later on, I got invited to other local events and in 2014, we formed a small group of 5 carvers and went to Woodfest Wales. 2 months later, we were already at world championship English Open near Manchester and few months later at the biggest gathering of chainsaw carvers in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. And it never stopped since then. Apart from Woodfest and English Open, we regularly take part at Carve Carrbridge, APF and Carve up the Coast competitions. In spring and summer, I usually take part in various events in Slovakia, mainly in High Tatra region. These days, I carve human figures and animals in regular basis and also try out other forms, like relief carving ( plaskorzezby ), geometrical shapes, benches, chairs etc. I have already won 2 competitions in Czech Republic but my highest achievement so far came this year when I ended up 2nd at English Open and 1st at APF. In winter time, I regularly take part in building the Tatra Ice Dome and later on, in the Tatry Ice Master international competition, where our team ended up 2nd this year. This summer, I eventually closed my graphic business down and became a full-time chainsaw carver. I do comission work for clients mainly from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland but also England and Scotland. I have also few pieces at Beskidarts gallery in Szczyrk, Poland.”

Autorzy zdjęć: Igor Kucera i Pavol Spal

Igor Kucera